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Who We Are

James "Jim" Corbett, Chief Developer of Profit Servant

Hi I’m James Corbett, For the last few years I decided to focus on helping people just like me…

After working 29 years in the supermarket business by body finally broke down. Faced with an uncertain future in 2017 I decided to learn about this thing called a Computer. As most people know I became quite successful with the very first program I dove into, However I learned a huge lesson (NO stream of income is safe). This is why I have made it my mission to seek and test as many Safe, Profitable and Easy programs I can.

Victor "Vic" Patalano, Chief Collaborator of Profit Servant

Vic holds a BS in Marketing from Drexel U with 35 years of sales experience in both B to B and direct sales. He is married with 2 high school daughters. His skills include Sales Management, Solutions providing, extensive Customer relations expertise, and most of all Collaborating. His mission is to help as many people possible $ave, Learn, and Earn. He also helps business people grow via cost and time effective networking. Vic is committed to supporting both local and online communities, helping all of those in need. It’s his way of “giving back”. He belongs to multiple local civic organizations such as the Roslyn Valley Business Association, and is admin for Ft. Washington Networking Professionals and AutoMatch Alliance.

Dr. Steven Greene Ed.D., Chief Educator

Steve has been a teacher / trainer / educator his entire career. Thirty years later, he has helped thousands of people to create success and to reach their goals. The continuing mission is to provide everyone with the information and tools and strategies they need to create sustainable success in their businesses and their lives. The ’secret’ is simple – have the best tools and strategies for success and this is what Steve brings to Profit Servant. He is also the author of the best selling book “Maximum Education” and the host of the “mAke the grAde Podcast”. Steve enjoys: cycling, cooking, cats, traveling, music, guitars, sports, and family.

About Us

Profit Servant is an organization of like minded Consumers and business owners who value EDUCATION and COLLABORATE to create Profits (as Multiple Streams of Income). WE work with each other as a TEAM in perfect harmony to achieve wellness for all our members.

What is Foresight?

Foresight is when you can predict what’s likely to happen in the future by learning from past experiences, identifying what’s happening now, and understanding the consequences of your decisions.

The first qualification for a successful source of income is:

We Check all the Boxes for you!!!

I am committed to reaching out to all those people around the world who were like me in 2017. So please if you are finding life too hard and need a mentor who will teach you for FREE how to safely make money online reach out and say hi. My #1 promise to you will always be NO PRESSURE.