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Mission Statement

Here you will find a Community that will open the doors to Multiple Streams of Income for just hours a week.

As a FREE member you will never have to put up with Sales Tactics or unwanted Pressure.

As a FREE member you will open up the door to a world of Servant Leadership, where there is no need to look for support – Support will look for you!

In Profit Servant you will find an online store where you will be introduced to Unique time tested Programs, Beta tested by me, James Corbett.

Recognizing the need for Safe Honest Crypto programs, we take Pride in our FREE Educational Trading Strategies. Offering Cryptocurrency Trading to Everyone Safely!

If Crypto is not your thing we provide other safe and Profitable streams of income.

Why not come and learn how you can achieve multiple streams of income from Education to Health and Yes money, all designed for you to Profit.

As an added bonus you will be the first to receive notice on the next program that qualifies to be on the Profit Servant Platform.

The Solution

BECOME a Profit Servant

Here are highlights of what to expect:

Products We Offer

What I Provide For My Clients...


We provide Cryptocurrencies Services with our Partners.


We provide Education Services with our Partners.


We provide Gaming Services with our Partners.


We provide Health Services with our Partners.

Precious Metals

We provide Precious Metals Services with our Partners.


We provide Technology Services with our Partners.

Services & Partners

Our time tested programs are for you and your friends to enjoy

James "Jim" Corbett GPS — Global Platform Solution Logo

Global Platform Solution, LLC, also known as GPS, is providing U.S. consumers with an opportunity to upgrade their realities and their lives by combining their innovative product suite with a proven business model.

James "Jim" Corbett Juice Plus+ Logo

Juice Plus+ provides concentrated farm fresh nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables, berries and grains — helping bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat.

James "Jim" Corbett NovaTech Logo

NovaTech is much more than a company delivering reliable trading services. It is a company with a clear mission to improve the global community we live in.

James "Jim" Corbett Quick Silver Logo

Quick Silver's mission is to not only help people accelerate their wealth, but to also pay it forward by providing meals to starving children and families around the world.

James "Jim" Corbett Joi Delivers Logo

Make the world a better place by delivering Joi, one smile at a time. Joi Delivers' goal is to create a culture of giving that will impact people's lives by bringing kindness and joy to the world.

James "Jim" Corbett rNetwork Logo

rNetwork is a next-generation Participation Marketplace platform powered by our proprietary software and Payment Engine technology.


What They're Saying

“As an experienced networker and marketer for over 35 years I can only count on one hand people I can trust 100%. I am proud to say that my friend and colleague Jim Corbett is one of them. Until I met Jim a few years ago, I never knew what a "servant leader" was. Whether you are a brand new or seasoned networker, Jim will put your needs first, even if it does not directly benefit him. Jim focuses on making sure everyone wins. If you are looking for someone you can learn and get support from to reach your goals, look no further. Jim is all this and more!”
Candice Keller
“Over the past 4 years, I've followed Mr. James Corbett and can say he is always happy to go out of his way to help anyone out in a selfless way even when he's not being compensated to do so. Without a doubt, he is a true servant leader!”
John Garofano
“It's a pleasure to write a testimonial for Jim Corbett so that I can give Kudos to a man who truly deserves to be recognized as a leader, educator, and wealth creator. I do mostly because Jim does not toot his own horn, so I'll do it for him. This is what makes Jim a true servant leader. We were introduced as part of a team and quickly became friends and business associates while being a sideline to one another in an organization we are both members of. Jim and I help each other in that business with no financial gain whatsoever.

Jim is without a doubt the most important and helpful person I've met in this already infamous year of 2020. The "pivot" that everyone talks about? Jim has been instrumental in helping me achieve that. I have a subconscious checklist of what I expect in business. which comes from 30 years of B to B, B to C, and direct selling experience. For me, It's all about: Objectivity, Integrity, and accountability. Jim has all these in spades. So of course when I learned about Profit Servant I was instantly all in.”

“I have had and continue to this day; the pleasure of being a business partner, colleague, student to a risen leader; Mr. James Corbett. A gentleman who took to heart and task; Richard Branson saying / quote; "take the position and learn while you're there". Having no computer and webinar skills after a tumultuous ending at a white-collar job of many years. He led a team of over 80 countries, including myself; to build a financial future in the world of cryptocurrency and mining.

With his main partner / friend's aide. He kept us up-to-date and educated on all necessary changes and potential to increase our 200% ROI's. His selfless attitude of a servant leader while juggling his family relationship caught the admiration of all who had the opportunity to be on a zoom and group calls with him; like a flu virus. Though he was wrongfully thrown into fires and dissolution of our mutual investment interest. He continues to show the resolve and tenacity of a leader many years his prime. Showing us that no major setback and scapegoating is going to deter him or as an example; anyone from achieving one's goals. The worldwide respect and sought after beacon he exhibits; is the reason I can relay these kind words of gratitude. And highly recommend anyone to take the opportunity to partner with him in his new research ventures. He may not have all the answers there is at the time of, or allowed by management.

However, you can be guaranteed, he will get those answers and updates applicable. He carries the esprit de corps and sempre fi as a useful tool or a badge of honour.

Sincere respect.”